Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Summary

Vehicle Condition and Handover: The lender verifies the vehicle's condition in the presence of the user and hands it over in working condition, noting any pre-existing damages.

Document Retention:

The lender temporarily keeps the user's documents until the vehicle is returned and all financial matters are settled.

Travel Restrictions:

Vehicles are not allowed to leave the island unless previously agreed with the lender.

Liability for Violations:

The user is responsible for all traffic violations incurred during the rental period.

Accident Protocol:

In case of traffic accidents, the user must immediately call the police and fill out an accident report form, and inform the nearest M&B rent a car office.

Damage Liability:

The user is liable for all damages up to 1000 EUR. Damage includes but is not limited to lost or damaged vehicle keys or documents, burnt clutch, tire damage, chassis damage from driving on unpaved roads, engine damage from oil loss, and interior damages caused by negligence. No insurance covers negligence-related damages.

Alcohol Consumption:

The user is fully liable for all damages if they have consumed alcohol, fail to report the accident to the police, or drive in restricted areas (e.g., Farska, Blaca).

Cleaning Fee:

If the vehicle is returned in a very dirty condition, a cleaning fee of 15 EUR will be charged.

Damage to Scooters, Buggies, and Quads:

The user will be charged for all damages to scooters, buggies, and quads, regardless of the amount.

Credit Card Payments:

If the user pays rental expenses with a credit card, they authorize the lessor to charge the costs directly to the card issuer without a slip form. If additional insurance (SCDW) is not purchased, the user authorizes charges for any damages up to the deductible or full damage if terms are violated.

Traffic and Parking Fines:

If the lessor must pay any traffic or parking fines, the user will be charged the amount paid, plus interest and other costs, without prior notification. State taxes and fees will be charged according to current legal regulations.

Payment Method

At the Agency: Payment for vehicle rental can be made at the agency upon vehicle pickup. Payments can be made using a card or in cash, providing flexibility and convenience for the user.

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