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Brač - Supetar


Supetar – the island of Brač

Located on the northern side of Brač, Supetar stands dominantly as the main gateway to this island. It emanates the vibrant center that harmonizes well with the pristine, small-town atmosphere and offers modern-day facilities. All these make this a great starting point in exploring the rest of the island.


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Discover Supetar: Where Convenience and Culture Converge

Supetar allows you to stroll on picturesque streets with pebble beaches and historic buildings. The lively promenade offers a row of shops, cafes, and restaurants. Having this in mind, if your position on Brač is to be a cultural and tourist center, then Supetar is the place to be. This lively city has so much more to offer than just being the largest settlement on the island.

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Rent-a-Car Services in Supetar:


Our service includes several pick-up points throughout Supetar for your convenience.


Choose from our wide range of vehicles, including compact cars for narrow village roads and convertibles for scenic coastal drives.


We offer a variety of rental terms to suit your travel plans, from daily rentals to long-term arrangements.

Attractions and Activities

Places where you can feel the charm of are:

Church of Saint Peter (Crkva Svetog Petra)

While some can contemplate the magnificence of the architectural grandeur, others may think about the historical value of the central church, which actually gave the place its name: Saint Peter.

Supetar Cemetery

One of the most beautiful cemeteries in Croatia thanks, among other things, to the picturesque sculptures and mausoleums.

Local Galleries and Workshops

Get a feel for the more artistic side of Supetar with visits to local galleries showcasing works from Croatian artists.

Culinary Delights in Supetar

The taste of the island comes alive through traditional Dalmatian food served from delightful konobas to modern gastronomic specialties served in elegant restaurants, from charming taverns to chic restaurants, all placed on some of the world's finest island-grown seafood and island-produced olive oil.

Recommended Restaurants

Experience the very best of local dining at:

Konoba Vinotoka – authentic ambiance and huge portions.

Restaurant Punta in Vela Luka.

Practical Information for Visitors

In Supetar, make sure you enjoy movements that will be enabled by our best car rental services. Anyway, here are a few more things for a better stay. Other than car rentals, there are public buses and ferries that connect Supetar with other parts of the island and also to the mainland. Accommodation: browse a choice from luxury hotels to charming bed and breakfasts, all in the center of town.

Upcoming Events

Other events to watch out for on the local calendar include the Supetar Summer Festival, with visitors being able to enjoy the live music, traditional dancing, and marvel at the local crafts.

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