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Welcome to Pučišća: The Stone Beauty of Brač

Nestled in a deep bay on the northern coast of Brač, Pučišća is a picturesque village famed for its stone architecture and the white limestone used in many iconic buildings worldwide. This village is not just a treat for the eyes but also a hub of cultural heritage, reflecting centuries of stonemasonry tradition.


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Discover Pučišća: A Village Carved in Stone

Pučišća's unique aesthetic comes from the locally quarried stone that adorns its buildings, giving visitors a sense of walking through a living museum. The village’s tranquil atmosphere is complemented by its scenic views and the gentle sounds of the harbor.
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Rent-a-Car Services in Pučišća:


Our service includes several pick-up points throughout Pučišća for your convenience.


Choose from our wide range of vehicles, including compact cars for narrow village roads and convertibles for scenic coastal drives.


We offer a variety of rental terms to suit your travel plans, from daily rentals to long-term arrangements.

Must-Visit Attractions in Pučišća

Pučišća is not only renowned for its architecture but also for its cultural contributions and natural beauty:

Stonemasonry School

Visit the famous Stonemasonry School where you can see artisans at work, crafting the same white stone that built the Diocletian's Palace in Split.

Local Quarries:

Tour the local quarries to learn more about the stone that has shaped the identity of Pučišća and its importance in global architecture.

The Harbor:

Spend time at the beautiful harbor, watching the boats and enjoying the laid-back atmosphere that defines this charming village.

Culinary Delights in Pučišća

Experience the rich flavors of the Mediterranean in Pučišća, where the cuisine is as refined as its stone.

Recommended Dining Spots:

Konoba Kala: Offers a delightful taste of local dishes prepared with fresh, regional ingredients.

Restaurant Luke: Enjoy dining by the water’s edge with dishes that highlight the best of Dalmatian seafood.

Practical Information for Visitors

Make the most of your visit to Pučišća with our practical travel tips:
Transport Options: While our car rentals offer flexibility, Pučišća is also accessible by local bus services that connect to major towns on Brač.
Accommodation Options: From family-run guesthouses to luxury accommodations, Pučišća offers a range of lodging choices, each offering a unique view of the village and the sea.

Upcoming Events in Pučišća

Keep an eye on the village's event calendar, which is rich with cultural festivals and traditional celebrations that showcase the heritage and artistic talent of Pučišća.
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