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Welcome to Milna: A Quiet Retreat on Brač

Nestling on the western side of Brač, Milna is a beautiful harbor town, set in a wonderful deep bay, with a marina that attracts yachting lovers from the four corners of the world. This delightful village subtly mingles the quaint charm of a traditional Dalmatian fishing town with Venetian architectural elegance, providing the perfect sanctuary for those in search of peace and natural beauty.


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Feel the Magic of Milna: Where History Blends with the Modern World

Milna still looks like an olden days lady, exuding elegance while offering all the modern conveniences a visitor expects. One moves along its pleasant streets surrounded by baroque houses and buildings, works of art made of Brač stone, to visit the ornate local church or to bask in one of its many cafes, enjoying the untroubled rhythms of the island life.

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Facilities at Milna

Discover picturesque coves of Milna on your own, with our best-in-quality car rental service. For your convenience, we offer various car categories for driving along the coast or through wild landscapes of Brač.

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Rent-a-Car Services in Milna:


Our service includes several pick-up points throughout Milna for your convenience.


Choose from our wide range of vehicles, including compact cars for narrow village roads and convertibles for scenic coastal drives.


We offer a variety of rental terms to suit your travel plans, from daily rentals to long-term arrangements.

Things to See in Milna

But Milna is so much more than just tranquil seafronts and peaceful cafes. It is indeed a cultural landmark and natural haven.

Our Lady of Annunciation

Marvel at the beautiful 18th-century architecture and the detail of the altar, built from local Brač stone.

Local Art Galleries

Discover the effervescent mix of the local and international artist creations.

Hidden Beaches and Coves

Discover the unseen spots to enjoy the unspoiled natural treasure.

Gastronomic Treasures of Milna

Fresh seafood and Mediterranean flavors rule the cuisine in Milna, with most of the taste taking place in atmospheric taverns or modern seaside restaurants, where both traditional and innovative dishes are found.

Alternative Places to Eat

Konoba Kotin: Famous for original seafood and authentic Dalmatian atmosphere.

Gajeta Tavern: Enjoy the best local wines with gourmet renditions of age-old recipes.

Helpful Tips for Travelers

Be it for the short stay or the retreat, Milna welcomes you with options for accommodation and transportation.

Transport Facilities: A number of taxis and seasonal buses travel within Milna, as well as car rentals to make visiting the area convenient.

Accommodation Options: There are accommodation options to meet your style and budget, from luxury villas and boutique hotels to homely guesthouses.

Upcoming Events in Milna

Don't miss the animated local event calendar, with year-round cultural gatherings and festivals that pay homage to everything from Milna's maritime history to its wildly expressive arts scene.
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