BRAČ 101 : How to Get On and Travel Across the Island of Brač

Welcome to the island of Brač!

As the Island of Brač is one of the biggest islands in Dalmatia and the third biggest among Adriatic islands, this island has developed an excellent transportation network. Starting with how to get on and off Brač, there are 3 main options:

  1. If you are traveling by car, you can take ferries from Split or Makarska. Besides ferries, from Split (main harbor) you can also make minor ships that sail to Brač and other islands. The main port on Brač is called Supetar, and the most common ferry line is called Jadrolinija.
  2. The other way to get to Brač is by an airplane since this island is one of the few that has its own airport. The Brač airport on the island is located 15 km near the city named Bol.
  3. If you are somewhere between the cities of Zadar and Dubrovnik with our Car Rental Agency, we offer an extensive selection of cars and other transportation vehicles for very favorable prices.

Now that you have arrived at this beautiful island, it is time to explore it and travel across the island. There are many ways to travel on the island, starting with your own car if you got here by it. Besides your personal car, you can move across the island by walking, which is good but only for shorter relations. Of course, you can call a taxi service, there are many on the island. Still, they are only a temporary solution, and possibly a bit expensive for the time using it. Also, a popular way to see some parts of the island is by bike. You can sightsee some nearby coasts and beaches.

You can use local bus transport for longer trips or visiting other cities and parts on the island of Brač. There are more bus lines throughout the day, and they connect most of the bigger towns on the island. The central bus station is right near the main port Supetar. You can find your bus rides online and choose your time and destination of travel.

One of the best options for traveling across the island and sightseeing its beauties is the rent a car option. As the island of Brač is one of the biggest islands, this is also one of the most practical and economical ways to travel. With our MB Rental Car Rental Agency, you can choose your vehicle travel buddy for the next few days and explore whatever you want, go wherever you want – whenever you want. This is the beauty of having your own transportation. You are free to go anywhere, and while you are on this beautiful island, it would be a shame not to explore it as much as possible! With assurance, you will not regret taking a tour across this island.

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