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Welcome to the magical island of Brač

Welcome to the magical island of Brač, a treasure box of natural beauty and a well of historical wealth that guarantees experiences of a lifetime. Amidst the Adriatic Sea, offering much more than just a location, Brač with its culture, history, and nature is the place that will keep your interest high for sure.


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Embracing Tradition and Landscape

And from the first step on Brač, welcome to the world where tradition and landscape are harmoniously united. Whether you're here to enjoy its pristine beaches or to delve into historic sites, maybe just to live like a local, and experience all things on offer, Brač is sure to have something for you.

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Essential Car Rental Services

Renting a car in Brač is necessary for exploring the island at your own convenience. Our car-hire services are at your disposal with the following offers:


Great way to roll down scenic roads of Brač is in comfort and style, in one of our reliable vehicles.


Start your adventure easier than ever with our island-locally positioned locations in town.


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Top Attractions You Can't Miss on Brač

There are seriously lots of must-see sights across the island of Brač.

Zlatni Rat Beach

With its stones gold and famous moving horn shape, this is ideal for a day of water sports or lazily lying in the sun.

Vidova Gora

Climb to the very top for breathtaking panoramic views that will thrill both photo enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Škrip Museum

The museum is located in the oldest settlement on the island. In this museum, the mosaic of history reassembles from Roman, Illyrian, and Croatian findings.

Olive Oil Tasting

I will take you through some of the best olive oils with traditional ways of making them and later on a stroll in the well-green olive gardens.

Helpful Travel Tips

Driving on Brač

The roads at the Brač Island are sometimes narrow and a bit curved. We advise you to drive very carefully so that you don't miss the sights and, of course, stay safe.

Plan Ahead

In the summer months, Brač becomes a hot destination for many travellers. Book your auto in advance to be able to have the best choice of selection.


Sometimes, really it's always a challenge to park in this place if it's one of the favorite spots among customers. Be keen to use a recommended parking area to avoid fines.

Experience Brač: More Than Just a Destination

Welcome to Brač, an island filled with crystal clear seas and centuries-old olive trees that will calm and make your holiday beautiful. Wandering in picturesque villages, feeling the warm hospitality of local people, and finding your secret cove for moments of tranquil enjoyment. This is not a place for visiting; it's an experience. A life filled with culture, cuisine, and amazing natural beauty. An experience every traveler will be able to take with them and remember over and over again. This is an invitation for all of you to come and feel our Brač in the heart of Dalmatia.

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